You can now learn 'How To Create Your Very Own Smart Veggie Patch' with our online webinar classes. Deep dive everything you will need to know on how to be part of the Homegrown Future of Food.

Class 1 contents will include:

  • Finding Your Best Site Location
  • Smart Garden Size Requirements
  • DIY or Off -The Shelf Greenhouses
  • Greenhouse VS Smart Garden
  • Perfect Raised Garden Bed Design
  • Tips for Importing Soil

Class 2 contents will include:

  • Automated Irrigation
  • Nutrients and Microbes
  • Being A Technograrian
  • Planning and Preparing
  • What To Plant
  • Succession Planting
Class 3 contents will include:
  • Preparing Foliar Sprays
  • Preparing Microbe Sprays
  • Your Weekly Program
  • Grazeonal Harvesting
  • Canning, Storage, Preserving
  • Creating Green Money

We are offering a 25% Discount Code off your first Class costs if you have purchased a copy of 'The Smart Veggie Patch' book and a further 10% Discount Code for every online review of the book that you submit.

Just email a pic of your 'The Smart Veggie Patch' Book and or a link to your online review and we will email you the relevant discount codes for the class.

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