A complete system for growing nutritional, abundant organic produce to feed a family and save a planet

A Smart Veggie Patch only takes 2hrs a week to maintain and will provide an abundance of homegrown produce all year round. 

"The very best food you can consume is grown, picked and eaten all in the same spot"

The Smart Garden Book


Terry Memory built his veggie patch for his family of eight after surviving the Black Saturday bushfires.

Determined to become more self-reliant in this era of unpredictable weather events and worsening health caused by highly processed food, he designed a system that combines ancient agrarian traditions with the latest in science and technology to deliver massively increased yields while radically reducing workload.

Terry's overview of the deteriorating state of our food supply will inspire you to take a step towards self-reliance, while his practical tips and how to's offer the tools you need to get going.

Meticulously researched and passionately argued, with clear and accessible instructions, this is a book for anyone looking to cut costs, improve their health and save the planet.

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If you do nothing else for your health and the planet, just start growing some of your own food.

When we started growing our own food over a decade ago, we wanted to create an abundant, super-reliable, easily manageable vegetable garden. We had hectic lives and not much spare time, but we wanted to feed our family healthy, chemical-free, nutrient-rich food. We also wanted to be closer to nature, live much more sustainably and have a food supply we could rely on no matter what.

We quickly learned over the years that constantly battling the weather, pests, and a zillion other problems made turning a vegetable garden from a hobby and into a proper food production hub was going to be much more challenging than we ever imagined.

After many attempts, trials and errors, we decided that the only way to achieve want we wanted was to take a 'Technograrian' approach to our vegetable garden. This meant incorporating some science and technology with traditional vegetable garden ideas and concepts.

So our Smart Veggie Patch was born!

It has been in operation for six years now and has performed beyond our wildest expectations. It reliably produces an incredible abundance of fresh organic produce every day, and it takes us far less time and effort to maintain than growing our own food ever did in the past.

If the idea of having an abundance of nutritious, healthy and organic food growing in your backyard is a dream of yours, then we would love to help you make that a reality.

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